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LDS Clipart We have over 5,000 free LDS Clipart or clip art images categorized by auxiliary, topic, and keyword. Our LDS graphics and picture gallery is easy to use, with hundreds of topics listed alphabetically. Simply click on the keyword to get a list of LDS Clipart. Here is a list of my most popular LDS clip art, or scroll down to find pictures by gospel topic.

LDS Clipart: The Savior

LDS Clipart - By Language

Ours was the first website to offer language clipart! We love this section of our website and hope you'll help it grow (since the only foreign language I speak is the Southern dialect of American English)....

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LDS Clipart - Gospel Topic

Following is a list of LDS gospel topics ordered alphabetically with related LDS clipart. Most of these images were created by me, Jenny Smith, but some of these categories link to LDS clip art at or other websites, some are pictures of LDS handouts by others, and other graphics were donated to us by users. Read the Terms of Use for instructions on the use of my images.

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