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Combined Laurel / Relief Society Transition Poster

This sounded like a really well-thought out Relief Society Activity. The poster describes a special evening meeting with the theme “Serving in the Family”. Items of note or topics for discussion include meeting the Relief Society President, fulfilling your family’s spiritual needs, motivation to do chores and homework and helping older family members, and serving grown children or grandchildren. This seems like it would be a great way for women…
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Relief Society Bingo

This game was submitted by Kristy T. She says: I facilitate a lot of meetings at work, so I’ve leveraged some fun icebreakers in different church settings with great results. I made this as an icebreaker for our RS Birthday Dinner, and the sisters really loved it. In fact, they didn’t want to stop playing after we had our first winner, so we allowed two additional bingo winners and one…
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Relief Society Seal – Paper Napkin Rings

Doll up your Relief Society party with these cute napkin rings! They have the Relief Society logo printed on them for you! For easier wrapping, print the napkin rings on regular paper. Using a paper cutter (or ruler and X-acto knife), cut out the napkin rings along the gray lines. To wrap, place the napkin ring on your silverware (wrapped in a napkin) with the logo facing up. Starting at…
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Preparedness Survey

This survey is a real eye-opener! Makes a great handout at a meeting to encourage preparedness, especially at a fifth Sunday lesson. Available in Italian Preparedness Survey Debt (1) Are you debt-free? Y N (If “yes”, skip to section “Food Storage”.) (2) Please complete questions indicating what type of debt you have; a) home mortgage Y N b) car Y N c) credit card Y N d) recreational vehicle(s) Y…
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