This one touches every one's heart so much!  Mothers always leave this activity with misty eyes. 
A few weeks before this singing time I email mother's and ask them what their favorite primary song is.  I also ask them if they will be at church on mothers day and if they could come in to singing time (some mom's have callings in other auxiliaries and cannot leave).  Then I take the responses I get, match up duplicates and we are ready to go!

I cut out large hearts.  On the back I write the names of the mothers that responded.  If two or more mom's have the same favorite song, their names go on the same heart.  Each heart will represent a song.  When a heart is chosen we read which mom(s) are written on the back.  The children of these mom's then go find their mom.  While they are looking for their mom (with the presidencies help) I tell the rest of the children what song we are going to sing.  We get ready.  When the mom's are found, they sit in the from on chairs while we sing their favorite song to them.  Their kids stay up with them as well and sing.  Afterwards the mom's are in tears.  We invite those mom's to stay.  Then the next heart is picked and we repeat until all of the hearts are gone.

When all the participating mom's have heard their favorite song, we have them all come back up front and we sing Mother, I Love You.  This is, without a doubt, one of the most touching singing times we have ever done!  You will not be able to get every mom in there, but we try!

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