Make a Seminary Basic Doctrines Candy Box

This Seminary Basic Doctrines Candy Box makes introducing the 9 seminary doctrines easy.  Just print, cut, fold, tape, and you’re set!

The box is perfect for Christmas gifts, Seminary graduation gifts, Freshman orientation, inservice favors, or just because!

You’ll need

  • tape or glue dots
  • Hershey Nugget Labels – I print on HP Everyday paper.  It’s a glossy coated inkjet paper that gives superior professional-looking results.
  • Box Template – print on cardstock, ugly side up.
  • 10 Hershey Nuggets (there are about 35 per 12oz bag)
  • scissors
  • about 10 minutes

Step 1: Print and Cut the Box Template

Seminary Basic Doctrines
Print the box pattern out on a sheet of scrapbook paper or cardstock.

Step 2: Fold and Tape

Seminary Basic Doctrines box
Fold the box like this. Be sure to leave the lid piece loose so that the top will open and close. Fold it back and forth to make the box open easily.

Step 3: Print the labels and wrap the Candy

Wrap each Hershey’s nugget with the wrappers on the template. The glossy paper makes them look professionally printed.
Here is what the Seminary Basic Doctrines Candy box looks like when closed.

Get the Seminary Candy Box Pattern

Download the Seminary Basic Doctrines Candy Box pattern here.

3 thoughts on “Make a Seminary Basic Doctrines Candy Box

  1. Would we be able to change the colors to the wrappers that cover the nuggets?

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