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Book of Mormon Review Quiz 1: Introduction to Enos

I used this review quiz to help students remember some of the things we’ve learned since the beginning of the year and so we can have a little fun during March Madness.  There are 20 questions dealing with the Title Page to the Book of Mormon plus others.  Some of these might not help you because it’s stuff we talked about in class, not things that were necessarily in the…
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Brigham Bucks

Brigham Bucks is the Seminary incentive program used by Seminary Mom, but you can use them for Seminary, Primary reverence incentives, youth activities, and much more.  Last year I used tickets for our March Madness auction, but this year I am using these bucks because tickets are just too expensive for my class of 16.  I’m hoping to laminate and reuse these Brigham Bucks next year. The image of Brother…
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March Madness New Testament Quiz

I made a set of quiz questions for my Seminary class to use during our March Madness playoffs tomorrow.  We are just wrapping up 1 Corinthians, so our quiz covers Matthew to that book.   Printable version at the bottom of the page.   March Madness New Testament Quiz Questions(Matthew- 1 Corinthians) Each correctly answered question is worth 10 points.   The day of Pentecost, like the Passover, is was…
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March Madness Form

This is the form that I’m using for March Madness this year in Seminary.  Students earn tickets each day during the month of March that they Zones compete against each other on Fridays for team point bonuses.  I think I will do 100 tickets for the team that wins first, 75 for second, 50 for third, and 25 for fourth. (I have four zones or teams.) My friend DeAnn gives…
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