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Steadfast & Immovable – T Shirt Logo

I created this image, loosely based on the Gospel Art Picture Kit image Stilling the Storm. It has the text of the 2008 mutual theme, Steadfast and Immovable, in the top right corner and a copyright notice in the bottom left. It features the Savior standing steadfast and immovable despite the storms that surround him. This image is free for you to use on your youth conference or camp t-shirts,…
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Steadfast and Immovable Bookmark

Amy M. shared these beautiful bookmarks that her unit is using for New Beginnings relating to the theme they’ve chosen: “For our 2008 New Beginnings, we are using Sister Julie B. Beck’s talk: ‘What Latter-Day Saint Women Do Best: Stand Strong and Immovable,’ and also Elder Russell Ballard’s Dec 1993 Ensign article ‘Steadfast in Christ’ which says, ‘Just as ships need anchors to keep them from drifting away on the…
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2008 Mutual Theme – Be Steadfast and Immovable

2008 Mutual Theme The 2008 mutual theme is Be steadfast and immovable, always abounding in good works.” Mosiah 5:15 Steadfast and Immovable Media See all the media relating to this year’s mutual theme – includes several variations of the steadfast and immovable logos and tee shirt designs plus bookmarks and more. Also includes new images shared by Yazmin O. in Spanish! Sample images are to the right. Steadfast and Immovable Music Be…
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