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Women at Christ’s Birth Skit

By: Judith Hoopes Hamilton, Hello, I’m excited to tell you that I know who wrote the program about the Women at Christ’s birth. The writer was a women named Judith Hoopes Hamilton, it was first presented on December 1, 1973, in Chandler, Arizona. Here is an introduction in her own words: I have written these stories as part of a lesson given to my sisters near Christmas time to help…
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Jenny’s LDS Baptism Program Template

UPDATED!!!! I have just created two versions of this baptism program that are editable. Yes, all you have to do is fill in the blanks or change the text that’s highlighted, and your baptism program is done! The “generic” editable file is meant for adults or others who are being baptized. The “primarychild” editable PDF is for children who are being baptized, and includes a field for the Primary Welcome….
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Sample Ward Bulletin – I used Microsoft Publisher to Create this

I have had this calling several months. I like using Publisher for it because I can save portions of the program, tables, etc. in the content library by right clicking and choosing ‘add to content library’. Then when I want to use them later, I go to Insert at the top, choose ‘Item from content library’, and everything I have saved pops up again. I often find pictures off the…
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Relief Society Temple Program

Our Relief Society’s theme this year is temples and our goal is to renew our temple attending efforts. For our March Relief Society birthday celebration, we are having a light dinner followed by this program that celebrates the birth of the Relief Society as well as Relief Society and it’s connection with Holy Temples. In addition to the script, we will have a special musical number (“I Love to See…
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Emma Smith’s Garden Party

This skit was performed by a stake in Kearns, Utah, in 2005, but I have no other information on it’s origin or history. The full version of the skit has music that relates to the era of each of the Relief Society presidents, and calls for performers to wear clothing typical of the time. This Stake borrowed clothing from Pioneer Theatre Company in Salt Lake to use for the performance….
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A Tribute to Relief Society Presidents – SHORT form of Emma’s Garden Party

My unit performed this shortened version Emma’s Garden Party for the Relief Society Birthday Celebration. The abbreviated skit takes about 20 minutes to perform and uses a narrator and 14 others to read the parts of each General Relief Society President. This skit was performed by a stake in Kearns, Utah, in 2005, but I have no other information on it’s origin or history. The full version of the skit…
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A Great and Marvelous Work Skit

My friend who is YW President in her ward gave me a copy of the talks that her Young Women are using for New Beginnings this year. This New Beginnings program has six short talks that describe espisodes in the lives of several women from Church History. Each talk is assigned a Personal Progress value (Divine Nature and Knowledge are combined) and each speaker ends the talk by saying something…
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Operation Personal Progress: Mission Possible Skit

This is a skit submitted by K. Adams. This skit was organized (from an inherited script) and directed by her daughter for a Personal Progress 10-hour project. There is music and a very fun skit with special effects and fun dramatic parts for the actors. What’s interesting to me about this skit is it involves the girls’ fathers — using them to encourage the girls to avoid bad habits that…
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