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Thank You for the Primary Presentation

Last year our Young Women group made little awards for the kids who participated in the Primary Presentation.  This year we are doing the same thing, and I made little Thank You slips for the girls to color. This slip says, “Thank you for teaching us to choose the right during the Primary Presentation!”  On the ones I did for our ward, I also added “Love, Hartwood Young Women”.  You…
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Scout Thanks Hat

This black and white image, Cubs Thanks Hat, was donated by the artist, Chris Gunn. Click to read more about Chris. Thank you – This Cub Scout thank you is designed as a fold-over note to be folded at the top of the cap. Top of cap is not shown on graphic so make allowance when photocopying and allow adequate space to fold over and trim. This note can be…
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LIfe Savers Wrappers: Thank you

This cute handout is made to look like a roll of Life Savers Candy. This has You’re a Life Saver Thank you printed on the front, with a blank white space for signatures. The stripes are the same colors as on a real LifeSavers wrapper. The printable has 4 wrappers per page, full color. **** Suggestion: Print these wrappers on _coated_ inkjet paper so that the colors are more vibrant,…
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