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Thank You for the Primary Presentation

Last year our Young Women group made little awards for the kids who participated in the Primary Presentation.  This year we are doing the same thing, and I made little Thank You slips for the girls to color. This slip says, “Thank you for teaching us to choose the right during the Primary Presentation!”  On the ones I did for our ward, I also added “Love, Hartwood Young Women”.  You…
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I will Choose the Right: CTR Shield Mirror Sign

This is a black and white coloring page/mirror sign with an image of the CTR Shield, along with the text “I will Choose the Right”. Cut out the inside of the shield, and invite each child to tape it on a bathroom mirror, so that the child can be reminded each time they look in the mirror to Choose the Right. Instructions are included on the page, inside the shield….
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2012 Primary Theme Monthly Classroom Poster Banners

This year I’ve created some banners for use with the 2012 Primary theme Choose the Right. My banners are classroom sized, which means they will print on two pages of 8.5 x 11 inch paper for easy reading throughout your class room. Simply tape the pages together where they overlap, and voila! An easy banner with the month’s theme. Following are some sample image of the posters:

2012 Primary Theme Monthly Signs – 8.5 x 11 inch size

Here are some single page class room signs based on my . These banners are very plain, giving them more space for the text. The keywords in each monthly theme are in a larger font so they can be read from some distance. Each sign has the month of the theme on it and the Choose the Right logo sign. If you want bigger signs, check out the Classroom Poster…
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