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Father’s Day Shirt Card Craft

I got a copy of this shirt card and decided to share it. It takes a good bit of folding to make. If you have a small Primary, you can probably help the older kids do it; otherwise, you’ll be folding dozens of these bad boys up yourself (not to mention you’ll be ensuring you receive that pool house for your Celestial Mansion for your extreme Primary commitment). You can…
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Coupon Book: Father’s Day

This Father’s day coupon book has four coupons, an excerpt from a fathers day poem, and a cover. Coupons: Breakfast in Bed One uninterrupted nap A hug each day for one week One game of an outdoor sport Poem: Fathers are Wonderful People Fathers are wonderful people Too little understood, And we do not sing their praises As often as we should… But Fathers are just wonderful In a million…
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Father’s Day / Missionary Tie Card

This is a template for the Father’s Day Tie Card, sometimes called the Shirt and Tie Card. INSTRUCTIONS: 1) Print the template — any weight or color of paper is fine. The borders will not be visible if you print from the PDF (recommended). If you are printing the PDF version and the borders show, go to the Print Dialog (the window that comes up when you choose File->Print) and…
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Father’s Day Yummy Checkers

This is a father’s day gift that provides me-and-you time, along with a yummy treat. The PDF version has space at the bottom for a signature, short note, or handrawn picture — maybe of the father and child playing checkers :). Print this checkerboard out and use 2 varieties of your favorite snack as game pieces!!! Try M&Ms, Hershey’s Kisses or Hugs or Caramel Kisses, Lifesavers, Fruity peppermints, Twizzlers Cherry…
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Top Pop

I used this as a favor for a Daddy-Daughter activity, but it would make a great Father’s day Primary project, too. 1) Print the images on heavy paper. 2) Cut each circle out. 3) Using a hole punch or pencil, make two holes, one in the top and bottom of each circle. (I found it worked best to push the hole punch in as far as it would go to…
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