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D&C Scripture Mastery Memorization Aid by Jay F

Jay says, “These are … some scripture mastery images I drew for my teachers this year to help the students memorize the verses. The pdfs contain versions with text and without. … The feedback has been very strong both from my teachers and also those in other areas. “If you feel like these could be a useful resource, please feel free to share them. Consider this email as permission to…
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Restoration Puzzle

Restoration Jigsaw Puzzle

I made these puzzles for lesson 6 in the Primary 3 manual, “The Restoration”. Completed, it shows the church in Christ’s time, and in Our time. Apart, it shows some bits and pieces of the gospel that other churches have. (And others that were taken away completely.) I used it as I taught the lesson, and I also made one on card stock for each child to put together in…
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Doctrine and Covenants Scripture Mastery by geography

Here are the Doctrine and Covenants scripture mastery passages on a map of the United States to show where they were revealed.  It’s interesting to note how much travel Joseph Smith was doing between the various church settlements. Available in colorized and black and white versions.  Vector illustration of United States courtesty of Vector Portal. http://www.vectorportal.com/subcategory/87/USA-OUTLINE-VECTOR-MAP.eps/ifile/3334/detailtest.asp ** Please note, the scripture mastery passage in Joseph Smith–History is not included here…
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Doctrine and Covenants Scripture Mastery Poster – Pioneer Themed

This D&C Scripture Mastery poster is based on the way that I started tracking scripture mastery last year. I found it was easier for me to track SM by scripture reference instead of student, because I could glance at the poster and see immediately which SM passages everyone had passed off and which ones no one had worked on. I had a similar BoM version of this poster printed at…
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