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Sharing the light of Testimony

“A candle loses nothing by sharing its light with another.” Hey Jenny! – Love your site!  I use it all the time!  Since I’ve gained a lot from the site, I thought I’d pass on this handout I just made for Lesson 27 in the Young Women manual 2. I created it in Publisher but saved it as a JPG.  The image used was just from the MS clipart gallery…
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Testimony – free, simple sheet music from Kathy Minson

Kathy shared this piece of original music with me to pass along to you.  Enjoy! “I am 67 and I have never written music before. I was teaching Valiant 9 last year, and one day the words and melody just came to my mind. I wrote down what I could, and then Don Ripplinger, a friend of mine, took it and wrote a simple accompaniment. He has given his permission…
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Testimony handout

Another YW leader made this cute handout to accompany YW Manual 2: Lesson 27, Strengthening your Testimony through Obedience. It is a tiny flower pot filled with candy that looks like rocks, a sun die-cut on a stick (probably a wooden skewer of some kind), with the following quote from Harold B. Lee: “The testimony you have today will not be your testimony of tomorrow. Your testimony is either going…
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5 Testimony Fingers

This is from an idea given in a 1998 General Conference talk by Susan L. Warner, then 2nd Counselor in the Primary General Presidency. She talks about how her father taught her to bear her testimony by using the fingers on her hand to remember the points she should talk about: 1. God is our loving Father in Heaven. 2. His Son, Jesus Christ, is our Savior and Redeemer. 3….
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Testimony vs Conversion worksheet

There is a lesson on conversion in the New Testament manual for Seminary. When one of my students brought up this issue at the end of class yesterday, I decided to create this handout for use during class to help us get through the topic a little faster. Conversion vs. Testimony What is a testimony? A testimony is the statement or declaration of a witness under oath or affirmation, usually…
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The Living Christ – Memorization Activity

Lori G’s Young Women’s class memorized “The Living Christ”. Here is her story of their experience: “Our young women and leaders took the challenge to memorize “The Living Christ” as a ward. It was an AWESOME experience and we have been asked to share our ideas many times. I have attached a copy of the [images] used to create cards for us to help with the memorization. We worked on…
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Seeds of Testimony Handout

This handout was submitted by Shannon J. to accompany Manual 1 Lesson 26: Testimony. Simply glue an inexpensive packet of seeds to the handout where indicated for an adorable handout! Shannon says: “You could then challenge the girls at the end of the lesson to go home and plant the seeds and as they water and nurture and watch the seeds grow to remember to make just as much effort…
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