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Are You a Builder or Wrecker? -compiled by Kim Allphin

This lesson helps the young women to learn to build each other up and to look for the best in each other. This is a fun lesson/activity that could be used to teach leadership skills to the entire group of young women together on a mutual night. We also used it for our Stake Leadership training. You could also adapt it to New Beginnings.   Edit 4/11/2016 – A user…
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Family Unity

This handout was created to go along with YW Manual 3: Lesson 9 “Encouraging Family Unity”. It includes the scripture D&C 38:27: “I say unto you be one” and a challenge asking what can personally be done to strengthen family unity. It is outlined by a rope which was used as an object lesson to show how each individual is stronger when they work in unity together.

The Living Christ – Memorization Activity

Lori G’s Young Women’s class memorized “The Living Christ”. Here is her story of their experience: “Our young women and leaders took the challenge to memorize “The Living Christ” as a ward. It was an AWESOME experience and we have been asked to share our ideas many times. I have attached a copy of the [images] used to create cards for us to help with the memorization. We worked on…
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Unity in Service Chain Links

This is a PDF document of 5 chain links representing children holding hands. When we are doing service we are united as one and are “linked” together. We are planning a service project for the remainder of the year for the primary kids in our ward. To do service in their homes (to strengthen home and family), and in their wards or branches, and in their communities. After each act…
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