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Draw Near Unto Me….

Jennifer H. shared this handout. She says, “This quote comes from YW Manual 2 Lesson 1. I printed it on Velum paper and cropped it to fit over the picture of Christ in the red robe (from the distribution center). I used brads to connect at the corners and tied a bow with string. The charm is from a local craft store and says “believe”. The velum could also be…
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Pondering Isn’t Preposterous

This thoughtful handout was submitted by Caralee J. to accompany Manual 1 Lesson 27. She printed the handout on colored cardstock. It reads: Pondering Isn’t Preposterous 1.Pray always before you begin to read the scriptures. 2.Keep a paper and pencil handy while you read. 3.Go slowly. 4.Ask questions as you read the scriptures. 5.Stop many times during the day and ponder the single thought that you have searched out in…
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