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Relief Society Seal – Paper Napkin Rings

Doll up your Relief Society party with these cute napkin rings! They have the Relief Society logo printed on them for you! For easier wrapping, print the napkin rings on regular paper. Using a paper cutter (or ruler and X-acto knife), cut out the napkin rings along the gray lines. To wrap, place the napkin ring on your silverware (wrapped in a napkin) with the logo facing up. Starting at…
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Chunky Relief Society Napkin Rings – No Adhesive

These Relief Society napkin rings are chunkier than our others, and they do not require adhesives. They’re the grandchild of napkin rings that originally appeared at the Martha Stewart website. Print and cut the napkin rings out. Now, at the place where the seal ends and the blue field begins, cut from the bottom halfway up the seal. Repeat on the other side cutting down from the top. Now wrap…
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