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Don’t carry the burden of sin

Handout by Melissa P D&C 58:42 Behold, he who has repented of his sins, the same is forgiven, and I, the Lord, remember them no more Don’t carry around the heavy burden of sin… “What good does it do for God to blot out our evil from his mind if we continue to let it dominate our thinking by rerunning it on our own?” -Sterling W. Sill Burden of Sin…
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Spiritual Remedies from “Heavenly Halls Medical”

Today we began the study of Helaman, chapter 1-6. I intend to cover these chapters over the next two days. And when I begin a new book within The Book of Mormon (Alma, Helaman, Words of Mormon, etc.), I like to give an overview so that the students have a global understanding of what we’re about to microscopically look at. For the overview, I print up summaries of each (or…
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The Nephite Cycle of Righteous and Wickedness poster

This poster is from the Book of Mormon Institute manual. I have enlarged the graphic and important text to make it possible to use the image as a visual aid during class. http://institute.lds.org/content/languages/english/Institute%20of%20Reli… (Page 414) Copyright 2011, Intellectual Reserve. Used by permission.

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