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LDs Young Women Agenda for Sunday Opening Exercises

I have just been called as Young Women secretary, and this is the agenda form that we use. Each week the girls get a different spiritual thought-type message, depending on the week of the month it is. This is noted at the bottom of the page. Princess for a day: each of the girls have filled out a form with information about themselves. The girl conducting reads off some of…
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Primary Opening Exercises and Sharing Time Schedule Documents

These documents are for the 9am church schedule and assume the combined exercises are at the beginning of the first hour of primary. By performing a “find” and “replace” in MS Word, the time can be changed easily to adapt to any schedule. It changes all 120 instances at once. That is how I change the date, time and theme each year. It makes it go very quickly and reduces…
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Monthly Opening Excercises Organizer

This monthly form was submitted by Beverly R. It includes space for the date, practice songs, lesson, presidency message, opening song, opening prayer, theme, scripture/thought and theme. She says “These are our opening exercise forms. In the YW presidency we alternate months that we put together opening exercises. We give the monthly form to each of the leaders, so they have an “at a glance” view for each Sunday. We…
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