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FROG – Fully Rely On God Activity / Leadership Training

Kim A. says, “I attached a program where I gave a leadership lesson for the Stake YW leadership training and then gave them the FROG lesson to share as a mutual night or New Beginnings program.” This collection of ideas uses a frog theme and has lots of cute ideas for food and handouts. Also includes quotes and a leadership lesson. I think this might be altered for a cute…
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Frog Parable Handout

Carrie M. says, “I am the Beehives advisor and while they need this lesson, I didn’t go into as much specifics given some are still in 6th grade. So our lesson was more simple, yet getting the points across. I used the parable of the Frog for this lesson and created a little cute poem for a handout. I couldn’t find anything similar on the frog, so I thought I’d…
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