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Relief Society Symbols Handout

The seal was adjusted and simplified in 2012 to make it more useful and recognizable in a global Church. The slightly altered seal now places the name of Relief Society in prominence, more clearly identifying Relief Society as part of the Church.  The year the society was organized, 1842, was removed from the old seal and the motto remained. Brigham Young asked Emmeline B. Wells in 1876 to encourage the…
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Custom Relief Society Napkins – easy

One ward made super cute napkins for a Relief Society Meeting celebrating the birthday of Relief Society. Using pinking shears, they cut out squares of white fabric, and with a marking pen, wrote the words on the fabric. I think you could do this same thing with the Relief Society seal image. I would put the RS seal 25 or so times in a document in my word processor. Then…
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Relief Society Birthday Dinner Handout

This is a a framed plaque we gave each of our Sisters for our Relief Society Birthday Dinner. We got wood 5 x7 frames at the Dollar store and printed the quote of beige card stock. Then cut out the area for the picture. Printed the picture on photo paper and assembled the plaque.

Relief Society Seal – Paper Napkin Rings

Doll up your Relief Society party with these cute napkin rings! They have the Relief Society logo printed on them for you! For easier wrapping, print the napkin rings on regular paper. Using a paper cutter (or ruler and X-acto knife), cut out the napkin rings along the gray lines. To wrap, place the napkin ring on your silverware (wrapped in a napkin) with the logo facing up. Starting at…
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