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How can I find comfort when someone I know dies?

  I have had some people ask me for handouts specifically for the lesson outline, “How can I find comfort when someone I know dies?”The majority of the quotes I made came from the talk,”Because I Live, Ye Shall Live Also” from Elder Shayne M. Bowen.If you haven’t already read the talk, read it.It is a wonderful message of hope and gives great insight to the plan of salvation.Feel free to…
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Plan of Salvation Bookmark

  I really wanted to give a visual to the girls that they could reference different scriptures about the plan of salvation.I decided to get a little head start for the month by making this Plan of Salvation bookmark.It is all based from Preach my Gospel. I made it to have two sides— The picture diagram being the front, and the scripture references to be the back. Feel free to use for the…
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Plan of Salvation Quotes & Handouts

  So far the “Come Follow Me” curriculum has been a huge success in our young women! I am LOVING studying this month’s lesson which focus on the “Plan of Salvation”. I decided to create some of my favorite LDS quotes about the plan of happiness. Feel free to print and use in your lessons and young women organization here: http://courtneyaitken.blogspot.com/2013/02/plan-of-salvation-quotes-hand…

Plan of Salvation – Pre-Earth Life

An image to accompany your lessons on the Plan of Salvation. See the rest of the related clipart by clicking the Plan of Salvation link below. An interesting thing I just learned: “Use terms such as premortal life or premortal existence rather than preexistence to describe our existence before our birth into mortality on this earth.” – source: 25002, 2005 Outline for Sharing Time, Instructions to Primary Leaders for Sharing…
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