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I love to see the temple

My fabulous friend, Jaime, is a convert to the church and has always wanted to go to Temple Square in Salt Lake City.  So, when she finally saw it for the first time her excitment couldn’t be contained.  Luckily I captured it in this photo!  When I see her jump for joy at merely the sight of the temple, I’m reminded of how I should feel EVERYTIME I see and/or…
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Itty Bitty Mormon City Scavenger Hunt Game – Pictures

Dawne A.’s “ward did this as part of a Young Women/Young Men Super Saturday and it was a blast! All of the items in the photos are found within walking distance of Temple Square in Salt Lake City. After explaining the rules we sent the kids off in groups (with leaders, of course) to find the items and write their location. We set a specific time for everyone to meet…
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Itty Bitty Mormon City Scavenger Hunt Game

Dawne A. says: “I am attaching an activity that we did when I was in the Young Women’s presidency. It is for Salt Lake City use, but perhaps it can inspire other types of this activity in different cities. “It is ‘Itty Bitty Mormon City’ and was inspired by the Itty Bitty City that the Salt Lake Tribune puts on periodically. I got the idea from someone else in our…
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