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LIfe Savers Wrappers: Thank you

This cute handout is made to look like a roll of Life Savers Candy. This has You’re a Life Saver Thank you printed on the front, with a blank white space for signatures. The stripes are the same colors as on a real LifeSavers wrapper. The printable has 4 wrappers per page, full color. **** Suggestion: Print these wrappers on _coated_ inkjet paper so that the colors are more vibrant,…
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Chews the Right Gum Wrapper – Valentine Style

This gum wrapper is sized to fit the 5 stick packages of chewing gum (like Juicy Fruit, WinterFresh, DoubleMint, Big Red, et cetera). It says “Happy Valentine’s Day ‘Chews’ The Right” on the front. On the back is a blank for you to fill in “To” and “From”. There are 6 wrappers per 8 1/2 by 11 inch page. Each wrapper is a different color to help you equalize your…
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Eternal Perspective Candy Wrapper

Trudy says: I started this lesson with by giving the girls dark chocolate, then semi-sweet chocolate, then some really good milk chocolate… we compared the 3 to How Heavenly Fathers perspective was the best (the milk chocolate) (i did get this idea from another site and I don’t have time to find the exact link right … it was either jennysmith.net, or ywconnection.com) (She’s probably talking about this object lesson…
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