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Scripture Tweet Worksheet

This file can be used to have students summarize For example:  “Imagine you are Enos.  What would you tweet about your experience with prayer.” or “Imagine you are one of the shepherds who saw angels at Christ’s birth.  What would you tweet?” You can even ask students to draw a picture they may have snapped to go along with the tweet.

Old Testament Prophets in Similitude of Jesus Christ

This document contains a very valuable list of Old Testament prophets and the ways they were in similitude of Jesus Christ. It was shared with me by my friend, Jen. Thanks! This was given to me in a PowerPoint format, and I have changed the formatting to something I think is better. I am supplying it as a PDF and RTF file with the points listed alphabetically and my version…
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Isaiah’s Insanity Challenge

After visiting several Seminary classes that were doing “March Madness” activities to beat the winter doldrums, I decided to adapt the idea for our 3-week study of Isaiah. Students earn tickets by participating in class, sharing missionary/gospel study experiences, and other things. At the end of our three weeks, we will have an auction where students can bid to win items donated by parents with their tickets. I have heard…
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Jenny’s Seminary Handbook

This is the handbook I’m using for Seminary this year in PDF and Open Office formats. It was useful for me as a new Seminary teacher to write out my rules and expectations. The academic grade is determined by whatever means the teacher determines. All I care about is the reading, and so that’s what I grade. You may choose something different. Hope this helps! —————– UPDATED 7-2012 I have…
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Power Phrases

I’ve made a list of Power Phrases that students can use in sharing the gospel. A power phrase is an opening phrase that precedes a testimony about a topic. Some teachers require their use during Seminary devotionals to help students learn to share the gospel. I have intentionally left off “I’d like to bear my testimony…” since I think it’s not a great phrase for using when talking about the…
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