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Garrisonville Ward Young Women Newsletter

I was astonished when I walked past a church bulletin board and saw this newsletter. So I stole one to show you … :) This newsletter was printed front and back, and the part you see on top in the image was the outside. The paper was folded in half the short way to make a little booklet with the calendar (shown on bottom) in the inside. This newsletter has…
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2010 Monthly Mutual Themes

I wanted to created monthly themes that would help us focus on the YW values as well as the annual mutual theme throughout the year. I also wanted to be able to reinforce the Sunday lessons during mutual. Andrea Walker posted something on sugardoodle.com that similar to what I envisioned. After consulting Manual 2 and the 2010 Resource Guide, and using Andrea’s as a template, this is what my presidency…
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We are moving to http://NoBoringLessons.com/ where you can find Come Follow Me Lesson ideas for the new 2019 curriculum Dismiss