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Primary 1: Lesson 1

Andrea S. created this series of Primary handouts to accompany the Sunbeam/Nursery lessons in manual 1. She says, “I have been making these for my sunbeam classes every week. … I gave each child a folder and put sheet protectors with this weeks lesson that the kids colored. It has the title of the lesson, the purpose and the scripture for the lesson. Pictures came from your site, the lesson…
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Child of God Booklet – Primary 1, Lesson 1 (Sunbeam)

Trudy has been called as a Sunbeam teacher for this year, much to the delight of all her fans in the Primary! This is a booklet she made for her first lesson. Trudy says, “Here is what I made up for the first lesson for nursery/sunbeam Primary 1: I am a Child of God. It’s an activity/touch and feel book. All the pages and instructions on how to put it…
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