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Sabbath Day Women Lesson Idea

I attended a great lesson on keeping the Sabbath Day holy, and afterwards asked the teacher for copy of her lesson.  I am publishing here just the attention-getter she used. On the board, she put up signs with the names of 5 imaginary women, who represent how we may treat the Sabbath day.  She described each of the women briefly, while asking us to think about our own activities on…
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For Measuring Sabbath Activities

Tamra S says: “Here is a handout we used for the YW Manual 1 Lesson on Keeping the Sabbath day holy. We cut them out and then attached them to some cheap measuring spoons we found at Wal-mart.” Has the following text: For Measuring Sabbath Activities 1) Is it doing good? 2) Is it spiritually uplifting? 3) Would Jesus do it? Goal: To keep myself unspotted from the world. 6…
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