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I am a Child of God Sacrament Meeting Presentation Worksheet – 2013

  Here’s the I am a Child of God sacrament meeting presentation worksheet for 2013. This is a worksheet that allows leaders to let Primary children “write” the Sacrament Meeting Program themselves.  Each child/class is given a topic (see below) and invited to share his or her feelings about the topic, with some guidance by leaders and teachers.  A leader then types up the program and gives a copy to each…
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2007 Primary Presentation Outline – Small Primary

Michelle M. has already written a basic outline for her Primary’s 2007 Primary Presentation. She comes from a unit with only a few children and this document will be very useful for branches and smaller wards. She says , “[Have] the teacher of each class ask the children the [topic listed on the outline] I gave to them at the end of class time and they filled out my paper…
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2008 Children’s Sacrament Meeting Presentation

Hello! Your site was so helpful to me I wanted to contribute to others and return the favor. Thanks! Cheryl ——————- Dear Fellow Primary writer, Greetings and bless your heart! This program is a wonderful experience to write, but let’s face it – it’s a big assignment. The kind of assignment that when it’s completed, entitles the writer to a parade and/or a very large party involving abundant amounts of…
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2008 Primary Presentation – Spanish

First of all I would like to thank you for the magnificent web cite you´ve got. It has been of great help, even here in Bolivia were I live, I love to print out your clipart, and use some ideas for primary. I would like to share with you the children´s Sacrament meeting presentation of Centenario ward here in Bolivia. It´s in Spanish and I hope it´s useful. Greetings Patty

2008 Sacrament Meeting Presentation – I am a Child of God

Lee-Ann shared this document, saying: “I just found your website tonight and LOVE it. I have been looking at stuff all night! I thought I would share my Primary Program for 2008. I don’t know if anyone can really use it – basically took it right from the outline, but maybe someone can. Thanks for all the great stuff on your site! I will be using this as my PRIMARY…
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2007 Primary Presentation Outline – Q&A Style

Shauna Black shared this variation of preparing the Primary presentation using a question and answer format. The presentation itself is also presented as a Q&A, giving the children a chance to really show what they’ve learned during the year: “Assign each class one of the monthly topics. Sometime before the program is to be presented, take a tape recorder into one or two of the classes each week. This is…
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