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Stand In Holy Places

ou can stand in holy places, When you’re facing trials each day, They are anywhere you make them, And they’ll help you find your way.   When you stand in holy places, Like a rock you’ll be not moved, You’ll find answers to your questions, And you’ll never be confused.   You can find these holy places, As you walk along life’s paths, At the church while in Young Women’s,…
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Stand Ye in Holy Places Lesson (Temple Hanger Handout)

  As a presidency, we decided to kick of the first week of the year by introducing the new mutual theme, “Stand ye in Holy Places”.I taught the lesson and it turned out really well. WE also made really cute temple hanger handouts to go along with the lesson.The girls were really receptive and happily participated. The following link gives an outline to the lesson I gave as well as the prints and…
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YW Birthday (Stand Ye in Holy Places)

  I have have been really excited about the birthday gifts we have been giving our YW this year and wanted to share!I found an adorable poem about socks and “Standing in Holy Places”. I recreated the poem and decided to make these sock cupcakes. You can download the poem and see how to make the socks here  http://courtneyaitken.blogspot.com/2013/01/yw-birthday-stand-ye-in-holy-… I thought it was just the sweetest thing and adored how it coordinated with…
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Stand Ye in Holy Places Framed Temples

  We really wanted to get the girls something for Christmas this year that they would cherish. We decided that since the mutual theme for this upcoming year is, “Stand ye in Holy Places”, we would get each girl a picture of the temple.To make it more personal, we got a list of each girls favorite temple.We found these beautiful pictures of their favorite temples and printed the 2013 mutual…
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Stand ye in Holy Places

Here’s the first of several images I will create for the 2013 Young women mutual theme, stand ye in holy places. A notice dated August 21, 2012, will announce the 2013 Mutual Theme, “Stand Ye in Holy Places.” “Stand ye in holy places, and be not moved, until the day of the Lord come; for behold, it cometh quickly, saith the Lord” (Doctrine and Covenants 87:8). Leaders are encouraged to…
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