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Old Testament Doctrinal Mastery Posters

FREE 2019 Old Testament Doctrinal Mastery 8.5×11 posters with reference and rhyme (example: Creation begun – Genesis 1), and key doctrinal statement. The color on the reference corresponds to the doctrines as follows: gray-Acquiring Spiritual Knowledge, purple-Godhead, light blue-Plan of Salvation, red-Atonement of Jesus Christ, green-Restoration, brown-Prophets and Revelation, yellow-Priesthood and Priesthood Keys, orange-Ordinances and Covenants, pink-Marriage and Family, blue-Commandments. Color Key included. The posters are pdf files which can…
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Old Testament Prophets in Similitude of Jesus Christ

This document contains a very valuable list of Old Testament prophets and the ways they were in similitude of Jesus Christ. It was shared with me by my friend, Jen. Thanks! This was given to me in a PowerPoint format, and I have changed the formatting to something I think is better. I am supplying it as a PDF and RTF file with the points listed alphabetically and my version…
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Scripture Journal glue ins – Agency, Judgment, Suffering in Mortal Life

Here are the glue-ins I’m using for teaching the Plan of Salvation for Old Testament. Agency: The Greatest Decision We want our children and their children to know that the choice of life is not between fame and obscurity, nor is the choice between wealth and poverty. The choice is between good and evil, and that is a very different matter indeed. …Our lives are made up of thousands of…
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Old Testament Mad Gab (Scripture Mastery) Game submitted by www.LeannaProsser.com

The object of the game is very simple. Each card has a set of unrelated words. When you read them aloud, they sound like familiar phrases, names, places . For example “eye knome eye read dimmer leaves” Now say it a few times and take a good guess. The answer is “I know my Redeemer lives”. Wasn’t that fun!? The rules: Divide class into two teams. There are lots of…
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Jenny’s Old Testament Reading Schedule Pacing Guide

This is the pacing guide, or reading schedule that I am using for my Seminary class. In my class, I ask the kids to read the material before class and then we discuss it. This isn’t the typical way, I know. I’m posting what I did here in case it helps home study students or teachers to see one way to break up the reading assignments. While I do not…
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Books of the Old Testament Cards – Color Coded

I created little cards for my Seminary class they could use to learn the 39 books of the Old Testament. These are color coded by the major divisions (law, history, poetical, prophets) to help them learn those divisions and aid in grouping. It just happened to work out that 2 sets of cards fits exactly on 3 pages. I laminated the cards and used them during class for timed competitions…
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The Old Testament Name Game Cards

I don’t really consider this a “game” — at least not the way it was taught to me — but I have created these cards to teach the chronology of the Old Testament peoples. Here’s how it was taught to me. Write the following on the board: Adam | (6 chapters later) | Noah | (6 chapters later) | Abram/Abraham | two sons, Issac and Ishmael | Jacob/Israel | twelve…
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