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I Know My Savior Lives Because…. Bulletin Board

This is the bulletin board in the Primary room of a building I visited this week. It has the Primary theme with the word because and pictures of the Savior along with slips of paper where each child has written how he or she knows the Savior lives. The picture isn’t great because I took it with my cell phone, but you can make out the theme okay. I love…
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Seeking the Companionship of the Holy Ghost

This handout was submitted by April M. It is based on YW Manual 1 Lesson 4, and has a worksheet with Worthiness and Blessings columns, along with a quote by Sharon Larson: At times you young women may feel you are having an experience like Nephi. The Lord has not asked you to build a ship, but to build your life. You don’t yet know what your completed mortal life…
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Book of Mormon and Cell Phones

Jennifer H. shared this thought handout that talks about what might happen if we treated our Books of Mormon more like cell phones. Very cute. Jennifer says, “[This] is a thought that has been circulating on the Internet. I took it and added some graphics to make it a little handout. We are challenging the girls to read the scriptures for just 5 minutes a day. Each month we give…
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