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Young Women Value Experience Stationery

I created this stationery from items in the LDS Digital Scrapbooking section. It has lines with the flower corner border and text elements from the YW theme. It was created for use with the personal progress booklet so that young women to write their experiences, but it is generic enough to be used for class letters to missionaries or other notes. If you make something awesome with these elements, please…
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Personal Progress Choice and Accountability Value Experience 7 handout

Thanks for a wonderful web site. I have attached a handout that I used to help our girls with PP C&A value experience no. 7. I used it with lesson manual #3 lesson 46 Money Management. It is a 3 month budget for the girls to calculate their estimate monthly income & expenditures as well as log their actual income & expenditures. My girls were very excited to get this…
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