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Priesthood Finger Puppets

These finger puppets can be used for multiple activities, including Primary, Special Needs, and Family Home Evening. They were created for the 2011 Primary Theme by the graphic design gurus at the Church. You’ll find puppets for Bishop, Pastor, Evangelist, Apostle, Patriarch, Teacher, and Prophet. Oddly enough, there are two Teachers, and one is a woman…. I would leave her out so as not to confuse the children you’re teaching….
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Substitute Instructions

We give this one-page instruction sheet to our substitute teachers to help them prepare Relief Society lessons in accordance with instructions given by church leaders. Since substitutes may not be up-to-date on current teaching methods and materials, we find this paper to be useful in helping them understand how to prepare meaningful lessons. Most statements are from the introduction to Teachings of The Presidents of the Church: Wilford Woodruff (2006),…
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We are moving to http://NoBoringLessons.com/ where you can find Come Follow Me Lesson ideas for the new 2019 curriculum Dismiss