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Spiritual Remedies from “Heavenly Halls Medical”

Today we began the study of Helaman, chapter 1-6. I intend to cover these chapters over the next two days. And when I begin a new book within The Book of Mormon (Alma, Helaman, Words of Mormon, etc.), I like to give an overview so that the students have a global understanding of what we’re about to microscopically look at. For the overview, I print up summaries of each (or…
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Scripture Scholar: Helaman 10-12

Today we finished up our scripture block of Helaman 7-12 for the week. I wanted to students to really “dial in” the events which occurred in the final three chapters of the block: 10-12. I followed the manual, using some of the quotes listed for chapters 10-12. Once we finished with some of the suggestions in the manual and also reading the chapter headings for the three final chapters of…
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Seminary Mom: Topsy Turvy Timeline Files

ACTIVITY: I devised a Topsey-Turvey Timeline by going verse by verse through Alma 43. Writing down what I felt were pertinent moments in the chapter, I came up with a rough timeline. Then, using the clip art that came with my computer, I found a symbolic picture for each part of the timeline, placing that next to each phrase. Once that was complete, I then mixed up the order as…
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