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Book of Mormon Scripture Mastery Sorting Game

The Book of Mormon scripture mastery sorting game has a list of the new scripture mastery passages for 2013 with either a quote from or the entire passage of a scripture mastery passage.  Students match passages with the scripture reference. Simply cut along the dotted lines and match scripture mastery key phrases with each reference. In my class we only cut out the keyphrases, leaving the scripture references as one list…
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New Testament License Plate Images

This year I’ve created the New Testament License plates as larger images so that you can download them and resize them to whatever size you need. Let me know if you see any errors, and good luck teaching Seminary! Please email any handouts or games or other ideas you make for Seminary to [email protected] I can use any and all help!

Isaiah’s Insanity Challenge

After visiting several Seminary classes that were doing “March Madness” activities to beat the winter doldrums, I decided to adapt the idea for our 3-week study of Isaiah. Students earn tickets by participating in class, sharing missionary/gospel study experiences, and other things. At the end of our three weeks, we will have an auction where students can bid to win items donated by parents with their tickets. I have heard…
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Old Testament Family Feud

Debbie Olson, compiler of this family feud data, gave me a copy of this when she subbed in my Seminary class this week. The kids loved it! Debbie compiled answers from over 400 Seminary students for 40 questions. There are two (one that uses keywords for scripture mastery and another about then-current leaders) that are probably not usable, but there are enough questions here for two or three full days…
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Old Testament Who Wants to Be A Millionaire – Genesis to 1 Samuel

A schoolteacher friend made us a game based on the television show, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire using Book of Mormon personalities. I altered it to use people from the Old Testament from Genesis to 1 Samuel as a review game for the kids in my class. This game takes about 10-15 minutes total to play, so I used it as part of a 3-way centers rotation between a…
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