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Generic Relief Society Newsletter Template COLOR – EDITABLE

This generic Relief Society newsletter template can be used for any month of the year.  It has a section at in Navy blue that can include your presidency contant information and other data.  Delete all the text out and the file will remain blank. If you don’t like the blue box in the upper left, download RSNewsletterTemplateGenericEDITABLE-color2.pdf in the attachments section and use that version. There is a small title…
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Generic Relief Society Newsletter Template – EDITABLE

This generic Relief Society newsletter template can be used for any month of the year.  It has a section at the top for a two line title that can include your ward name and the month.  It also includes two columns, one white, one black, that can be used for announcements, special messages, birthdays, or any other information you need to share with the sisters in your ward.  The new…
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February Newsletter Template – EDITABLE

This template is a little teensy bit late, but it’ll be ready for next year, I guess. You can take either the JPG version of this file to edit in your own software, or you can edit this PDF file right within your browser if you download the PDF. These files were created using Photoshop, Scribus, and the free graphics from Summer Drigg’s Summertime Designs website.  First I created a…
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Garrisonville Ward Young Women Newsletter

I was astonished when I walked past a church bulletin board and saw this newsletter. So I stole one to show you … :) This newsletter was printed front and back, and the part you see on top in the image was the outside. The paper was folded in half the short way to make a little booklet with the calendar (shown on bottom) in the inside. This newsletter has…
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Primary Newsletter Template

Rachelle C. submitted this cute newsletter template she made. “The picture of Christ and the flower pot I got from [JennySmith.net]. The bear paws I got from ScoutingBSA.org …. the birthday clip art came from here: Christys Clipart“. Some of the WordArt doesn’t work right for me, but I’m using an old version of Word. Thanks! 1 page, 8.5 x 11 inches, black and white.

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