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Brigham Bucks

Brigham Bucks is the Seminary incentive program used by Seminary Mom, but you can use them for Seminary, Primary reverence incentives, youth activities, and much more.  Last year I used tickets for our March Madness auction, but this year I am using these bucks because tickets are just too expensive for my class of 16.  I’m hoping to laminate and reuse these Brigham Bucks next year. The image of Brother…
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Reverence Book – Page 1 of 9

This is a Reverence Book or Quiet Book I made at an Enrichment night. It would make a fun project for a Quarterly Primary Activity or Enrichment Activity. You could also use this as a baptism or Christmas gift. Instructions Buy a photo album that holds 4×6 photos. Cut each page along the dotted lines, and glue the photos on the pages with a glue stick. Insert the pages in…
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