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Combined Laurel / Relief Society Transition Poster

This sounded like a really well-thought out Relief Society Activity. The poster describes a special evening meeting with the theme “Serving in the Family”. Items of note or topics for discussion include meeting the Relief Society President, fulfilling your family’s spiritual needs, motivation to do chores and homework and helping older family members, and serving grown children or grandchildren. This seems like it would be a great way for women…
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service towel

sharing time examples of service with a higher purpose http://ldspoetrybykellymiller.blogspot.com/2009/11/primary-service-shari… ways to serve- keep using the same towel through out… each time ask- what is a way we can serve our family? Hold up sign that says- what are you doing? Have class ask question each time Love is a verb ( make a V with two fingers) Requiring action (swing arms like running) Love is doing ( move arms…
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