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I am a Child of God Sacrament Meeting Presentation Program Covers

I’ve made a series of program covers for the 2013 Primary theme, I am a Child of God. There’s no year written on these covers so they can be used at any time. Have the students in your Primary draw a self-portrait of themselves in the box on each cover. If you’d like parents to be able to have a copy of the program cover to take home for their…
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EDITABLE Primary Sacrament Meeting Program Cover

I am so excited! This is an editable PDF version of my Primary Program Cover that you can use to create a fantastic program for your Primary’s Sacrament Meeting Presentation! Like my crazy popular baptism program template, this template has space for you to add in the date of your presentation, your ward name, the church or stake name, AND the names of participants. It even includes a short thank…
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EDITABLE Primary Sacrament Meeting Program Cover – 2012

This is a Sacrament Meeting program cover for the 2012 Primary Theme, Choose the Right. It’s editable, just like our new 2013 version. There’s blank space on the cover where you can print extra text (by running a page through your printer twice, or by cutting and pasting something there when you make your photocopies. Hopefully I’ve posted it with enough time that you can use it this year!

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