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Back to the Future Style – 2016 Mutual Theme Logo – Press Forward

Our cool Back to the Future style logo is perfect for the 2016 mutual theme. Use it to make anything, including classroom posters, flyers, invitations, t-shirts, etc. Reads “Press Forward with a Steadfastness in Christ”. 2000 pixels wide. Marty McFly loves it, and we think the boys and girls in your youth group will, too! Do not remove the MormonShare.com  site name from this image. If your printer requires a…
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Serve Him – Heart Might Mind Strength

This logo can be used on Youth Conference T shirts or whatever else for the 2015 mutual theme.  You have my permission to use it on any item you will not sell for profit.  It shows the #serveHim with a heart, lightning (might), head (mind), and buff arm (strength). Please don’t remove my URL, and please don’t edit this file and pretend it’s yours.

Be strong and of a Good Courage T-shirt – OFFICIAL LOGO

I’ve taken the t-shirt logo sheet from youth.lds.org, and turned it into a TRIPLE, and put it here for you to download. This format will help you make 3 t-shirts per sheet, instead of wasting paper printing just one per sheet. Yeah, I’m awesome like that. The image is available as a jpeg as well. Just click “Be strong” below. The image is copyright 2010 Intellectual Reserve. Free to print…
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Arise and Shine Forth B&W for T-Shirts

This was a requested image for a single ink print job for a Youth Conference t-shirt. The file is big and should work for printing applications. You are welcome to use this image on any thing you do not intend to sell. Out of courtesy to me, please do not tamper with the URL on this image so that I receive credit for its creation.

We are moving to http://NoBoringLessons.com/ where you can find Come Follow Me Lesson ideas for the new 2019 curriculum Dismiss