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Feed the Missionaries – Portuguese Calendario de almoco dos misionarios

My name is Danielle S. I have shared some of the things I have made for church in your website: www.mormonshare.com I am Brazilian but I live in the U.S. Throughout my callings in Brazil and in the U.S. I was able to create cute things for RS in Portuguese and English that I want to share. I was trying to upload some invites for “ Feed the missionaries” in…
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Choose the Right Logo

This is the Choose the Right logo for the 2012 Primary theme. I’ve added the logo here in other languages: English : choose the right Portuguese: conserva a tua rota Spanish: haz lo justo French: choisissez le bien German: wähle das rechte Please let me know if you need this in another language. Remember, you can use graphic this on things you will not sell for profit. Read the terms…
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Large Choose the Right Primary Poster Banner

The 2012 Primary theme is Choose the Right, and I’ve made a classroom sized poster from our logo for you to use in your class room. Not everyone has an oversized printer, so I’ve created a PDF that has the logo spanning 3 letter sized sheets of paper with a 1/2 inch overlap. Print the PDF, and then match up the overlapping letters or shapes on each edge. As long…
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Convites Professoras Visitantes – Visiting Teaching (Portuguese)

Paula F. compartilhou deste invitation visitando do treinamento de professor. 10 por a página, 8.5 x 11 avançam, cor. ———— Querida Irmã, Gostaríamos de convida-la para uma Convenção de Pofessoras Visitantes, que se realizará no sábado, 18 de Novembro 06, às 15:00h. na capela da Póvoa Sta. Iria. A sua presença é fundamental para o sucesso desta convenção. Contamos consigo! ———— Paula F. shared this visiting teacher training invitation. 10…
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Professoras Visitantes – Visiting Teaching (Portuguese)

Paula F. compartilhou deste handout portuguese que tem umas citações do presidency da sociedade do relevo geral a respeito de ensinar visitando. 2 por a página, 8.5 x 11 avançam, preto e branco. Paula F. shared this Portuguese handout that has a quote from the General Relief Society Presidency regarding Visiting Teaching. 2 per page, 8.5 x 11 inches, black and white.

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