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Young Women Class Presidency Leadership Training Handouts

I made these handouts for the bishopric to use when they issue calls to new young women class presidency members.  We have found that often class presidencies and parents do not understand the expectations for their calling, so I created these files to help young women and parents understand what their assignment entails. There are three Class Presidency Leadership Training Handouts, each describing one of the callings: class president, class…
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How to Plan an Amazing Mutual Activity

Our ward held a combination leadership/planning meeting last Sunday before Conference.  This handout contains some of the information that we discussed during our training.  Plan an amazing mutual activity with these tips.  Your activity does not need to match all of these items, but it Purposeful Planning: Amazing Mutual Activities Ministering Who in our class needs help or support? How can we include everyone in this activity? Administering Do we have…
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Young Women Class Presidency Binder labels

I created these binder label sets for our class presidency binders. There’s a set for each of the three classes: Beehive, Mia Maid, and Laurel, and they feature the new class symbols from the 2010 handbook. I printed these on 8.5 x 11 inch sticker paper from Avery (product number 48165, Laser/Inkjet), and then I cut them apart with a paper cutter. Each sheet makes: – Four 3/4 inch binder…
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Young Women Class Presidency Training Workbook

Hello! I am the first Counselor in the YW Presidency in Thompson Station, Tn ward. Shortly after I received this calling, a new Mia Maid class presidency was called. I saw this as a great opportunity to train a new presidency so I started searching for effective ways to train them in their respective callings. So I went to the Church website and gathered the pertinent information, however I saw…
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Beehive/Laurel/Mia Maid Class Presidency Orientation

Meaghann Y. shared this document that she created for her Beehive class presidencies. She says, “This is a copy of the binder that I put together for each member of my Beehive presidency. It could be easily altered for any other class presidencies as well.” It has several pages of leadership instructions and, my favorite, a clear list of presidency responsibilities. 8 pages, 8.5 x 11 inches, color.

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