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Temple Hair Ties

Temple Hair Ties

One of the young women counselors saw this cute idea for Temple Hair Ties on a Facebook group and asked me to help her put them together.  They turned out fantastically! You will need scissors, Fold Over Elastic — I got mine at Amazon, some cardstock — I got this at WalMart, and my printable — available below.  The cards measure just over 2.75 inches wide and 4 inches tall. …
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Back to the Future Style – 2016 Mutual Theme Logo – Press Forward

Our cool Back to the Future style logo is perfect for the 2016 mutual theme. Use it to make anything, including classroom posters, flyers, invitations, t-shirts, etc. Reads “Press Forward with a Steadfastness in Christ”. 2000 pixels wide. Marty McFly loves it, and we think the boys and girls in your youth group will, too! Do not remove the MormonShare.com  site name from this image. If your printer requires a…
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Serve Him – Heart Might Mind Strength

This logo can be used on Youth Conference T shirts or whatever else for the 2015 mutual theme.  You have my permission to use it on any item you will not sell for profit.  It shows the #serveHim with a heart, lightning (might), head (mind), and buff arm (strength). Please don’t remove my URL, and please don’t edit this file and pretend it’s yours.

Embark – Heart, Might, Mind, Strength

Embark in the Service of God

These images were created to go with the 2015 mutual theme: Embark in the service of God.  The images are from the verse D&C 4:2, which mentions serving God with your heart, might, might, and strength. You can use these images on stuff you won’t sell for profit. Please don’t alter them and put them on your website and pretend that they are yours.  We hates that. 

Personal Progress Values Classroom Banners – temple style

Our personal progress classroom temple banners fit on four pages or less. I created them to be used at New beginnings or when you are focusing on a particular value during the month; however, you’ll find lots of uses for them at camp and other activities, I’m sure. Simply print out the pages, align the overlap, and tape for a beautiful classroom poster! Enjoy! Sample image:

Girls Camp Certification Record

YW Girls Camp Certification Record on 1 sheet: Copy these pages front and back onto card stock for each girl. These are kept in the Camp Director’s folder and follow the girls until they graduate. I made this to keep a record of each girls progress / completion … so if their camp book ever gets lost we have proof of which levels she had completed. Also, it is easier…
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Have You Experienced This Mighty Change in your Hearts – devotional handout

I was asked to do a devotional for Golden Hour at YW girls’ camp. My topic was “Have You Experienced This Mighty Change in your Hearts”, as I recall. I used the video “Significant in Every Way” from the LDS Church’s New Era Videos You Tube Channel. The camp leaders had asked us to send the girls home with something to remember the devotional with, so I went to my…
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2010 Mutual Theme OFFICIAL Logo – Be strong and of a good courage

I’ve stripped out the new logo from the youth.lds.org website, made it larger, and put it here for you to download as a JPEG. It’s large enough to fit on a tabloid sheet (11×17 inches) for posters, or you can shrink it down for a high quality image. The image is copyright 2010 Intellectual Reserve. Free to print for home/church use. Used by permission. You may also be interested in…
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