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Primary 3, Lesson 9 Priesthood Blessings & Ordinances Memory Game

Shared by Debbie S: Here’s an activity I made for Primary 3, Lesson 9 – “Priesthood Blessings & Ordinances”. It’s a memory game. One piece of the match is what Jesus did, and the corresponding piece is the ordinance as we do it today. I made a matching colored border around the pictures to help the children identify which ones go together. (My class is 4-year-olds)

Restoration Puzzle

Restoration Jigsaw Puzzle

I made these puzzles for lesson 6 in the Primary 3 manual, “The Restoration”. Completed, it shows the church in Christ’s time, and in Our time. Apart, it shows some bits and pieces of the gospel that other churches have. (And others that were taken away completely.) I used it as I taught the lesson, and I also made one on card stock for each child to put together in…
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{General Conference} Conference I Spy

Last General Conference I shared my ‘Conference Sundae’ idea. With my idea I included lots of fun printables that you could use for your family during General Conference.

Today I am sharing 2 new versions of my Conference ‘I Spy’.
Here’ what they look like:

{General Conference} Conference I Spy
The new ‘I Spy’ sheets aren’t completely different from the old ones, but feel free to use all 4 of my sheets. I changed all of the apsotles, and then a few other things.

If you would like to use my Conference ‘I Spy’ sheets then click the links below to print.

Click HERE to print Conference ‘I Spy’ pg. 2.

To see my other General Conference sheets that I shared previously, CLICK HERE!

Thanks so much for stopping by. Have a wonderful day!

{General Conference} Conference I Spy

Book of Mormon Review Quiz 1: Introduction to Enos

I used this review quiz to help students remember some of the things we’ve learned since the beginning of the year and so we can have a little fun during March Madness.  There are 20 questions dealing with the Title Page to the Book of Mormon plus others.  Some of these might not help you because it’s stuff we talked about in class, not things that were necessarily in the…
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Secret Combo Meal

Submitted by Trudy: Activity description: A Secret Combo Meal Activity with planning sheet and menu. We used these for an activity that had an 80’s theme, hence the 80’s reference on some of the foods code names. Every item on the menu is in secret code so you may end up eating your meal with a toothpick! There is also a planning sheet to help you organize this activity. (For…
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