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An act of service has been launched against you….

This fun handout is by Trudy. It is a handout that would be nice for a FHE lesson or a lesson on performing service for family members. It reads: Official U.F.S.S. Business Confidential You are hereby served by the Dept. of United Family Secret Service. An act of service has sucessfully been launched against you. Your mission now is to carry out an act of Secret Service to a member…
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Secret Service

This cute FHE idea was submitted by Jill B. It’s a good idea and would work for children of many different ages. She says, “I used this as a FHE with my children to encourage loving each other and a spirit of cooperation. “We discussed the ‘love one another’ scripture, talked about how the Savior loved even those who tried to trick him and persecute him, and then talked about…
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