New Beginnings Ideas

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There have been some specific changes to New Beginnings in the new handbook. Here are some that I feel important:

Class presidencies plan the [new beginnings] program under the direction of the Young Women presidency. The Young Women presidency may ask specialists to help (for example, to direct a choir or instrumental group, rehearse speakers, or direct a skit). A member of the Laurel class presidency may conduct. (Church Handbook of Instructions 18.8.3)

Young Women New Beginnings Activity Ideas

Below is our ever-growing list of New Beginnings ideas for LDS Young Women:

What Is New Beginnings?

New Beginnings is an annual event for young women and their parents, priesthood leaders, and Young Women leaders. Young women who will reach age 12 in the coming year are also invited to attend with their parents. It may be held at the beginning of the school year or the calendar year. It may be held during Mutual.

This event helps young women and their parents learn about the Young Women program. It includes an explanation of Personal Progress and a presentation of the Young Women theme, logo, motto, and age-group purpose statements and symbols. It should help young women and their parents plan for events in the coming year.

New Beginnings provides opportunities for leaders to express love for the young women, encourage parents to help their daughters in Personal Progress experiences, introduce young women who will reach age 12 in the coming year, and welcome young women who have joined the Church or moved into the ward. It is a time to recognize young women and their accomplishments in Personal Progress. The Young Women presidency invites a member of the bishopric to give concluding remarks.

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