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President Monson quote card

mama4boys says “I have attached a handout for  “The Word of God as a Standard”. I printed the handout, cut out individual sections and then glued it to the back of the 3×4 picture of President Monson.  I purchased the pictures for less than $0.50 at either Seagull or Deseret Book. The picture of President Monson was taken at General Conference of his profile with a warm smile. In addition to scriptures from…
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Belated General Conference Printables – April 2014

It can’t really be the end of June already…can it?? I had so many plans to get these General Conference quotes up during conference weekend. Sigh. Unfortunately, moving across the country with two toddlers consumed my life for the last few months! Oh…

Easter: Creating A Christ-Centered Celebration

Downloaded from: http://brosimonsays.wordpress.com/2014/04/18/easter-creating-a-christ-centered-celebration/ It may seem strange to consider at first, but after pausing to ponder we come to realize that Christmas would be meaningless without Easter. As important as the divine and miraculous birth of Jesus Christ was (and still is), it would be in vain without His redemptive, atoning sacrifice that shattered the chains of death with a triumphant resurrection (To study […]

Sunday Session Highlights – General Conference 2013

I took away so many different things from conference this weekend, and I know I have much more to learn as I re-watch and study the messages that were shared. My husband and I sat and talked tonight about what we learned and about how we can improve ou…

General Relief Society Broadcast 2013 Thoughts

I’m not going to lie…I didn’t catch much of the General Relief Society broadcast last night. I had plans to watch with my mother and sisters, but the stomach flu overcame me and my children, so our plans turned into crackers, water, and sleeping near…

1 Nephi 2-5, For Obedience Strive!

Downloaded from: http://brosimonsays.wordpress.com/2013/09/11/1-nephi-2-5-for-obedience-strive/ I began by asking the students what the Nike slogan was. “JUST DO IT!” of course was the response. I pointed out to those who hadn’t noticed yet that the Nike swooshes on the board created a face. I asked them, “Who do you think would be the ‘Just Do It!’ person in the Book […]

1 Peter 1-5, Peter’S Principles Prepare Peculiar People (2-Day Lesson)

Downloaded from: http://brosimonsays.wordpress.com/2013/05/06/1-peter-1-5-peters-principles-prepare-peculiar-people-2-day-lesson/ This was such a success! The positive feedback that I received from the students as a result of this lesson makes me feel that it may have been their best experience all year.  They felt like they could really evaluate where they stand as a member of the Church, and they absolutely LOVED being able […]

183Rd Annual General Conference, April 2013

Downloaded from: http://brosimonsays.wordpress.com/2013/04/19/183rd-annual-general-conference-april-2013/ Do you ever wish you had a copy of the latest Conference Report on a WORD document or PDF? What if it was already formatted and numbered by paragraph, would that help you when studying and teaching? Would it make it easier to use general conference talks in the classroom? Well today is your lucky […]

Finishers Wanted: Shall I Falter, Or Shall I Finish?

Downloaded from: http://brosimonsays.wordpress.com/2013/04/04/finishers-wanted-shall-i-falter-or-shall-i-finish/ Sometimes a fourth-quarter push is required… That’s when I pull out FINISHERS WANTED! “For of all sad words of tongue or pen, The saddest are these: ‘It might have been!’” We are TEAM E.T.T.E. = Endure to the End! Not D.N.F = Did Not Finish (Racing term) Stick to your task ’til it sticks to […]

Thomas S. Monson – portrait

President Thomas S. Monson has served as the 16th President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints since February 3, 2008. He had served as a Counselor in the First Presidency of the Church since November 10, 1985. Most recently, on March 12, 1995, he was set apart as First Counselor to President Gordon B. Hinckley. Prior to that, on June 5, 1994, he was called as Second…
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President Monson Coloring Sheet

For primary lesson “We Have a Living Prophet” I was looking on Mormonshare.com for a coloring page of the prophet and noticed that there were only pages of President Hinckley. I’m no Photoshop pro, but I managed to make this rough outline of President Monson from his photo on the church’s webisite. I hope President Monson doesn’t mind the Sundbeams coloring his face! :) Nicole

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