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personal progressPersonal Progress is a goal-setting program that helps a young woman develop a testimony of Jesus Christ and his gospel. Goals of the program are as follows:

Each Young Woman will know she is a daughter of God.

  • Each Young Woman will rely upon the Holy Ghost.
  • Each Young Woman will develop personal religious behaviors, such as prayer, scripture study, obedience to commandments, and service.
  • Each Young Woman will keep her baptismal covenants and prepare and qualify for temple covenants.
  • Each Young Woman will develop talents and skills that prepare her for her future roles.
  • Each Young Woman will establish a pattern of step-by-step progress through her life.

Through Personal Progress, each young woman can develop a pattern of progress for her life that will bring her joy and happiness.

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Personal progress FAQ:

When do we present value ribbons?

Ribbons are presented when they are earned, not at Young Women in Excellence. See page 90 of the Personal Progress book for verification.  Many leaders present ribbons to young women during Young Women opening exercises, but they could presented privately as well.

What are the differences between New Beginnings and Young Women in Excellence?


What are the requirements for YW leaders to earn the medallion?

Requirements are different for leaders who wish to earn the medallion. You may earn the young women medallion as a leader by completing the following:

  • Serve as a young women leader for one year.
  • Complete the three required value experiences for each value.
  • Complete the value project for virtue (read the Book of Mormon).
  • Complete two additional value projects.

Yes, you read that right.  Leaders complete only 3 value projects and the 24 required value experiences. You may feel that this isn’t fair — that leaders don’t have the same requirements as young women, however, consider the hours you put in preparing lessons, helping at mutual, training young women, attending leadership meetings, studying the handbook and manuals, and praying for/worrying about your girls. Also remember that you can earn an Honor Bee (or Honor Bees!) once you complete your medallion, too.

How do I Order Personal Progress Awards?

Because personal progress ribbons, honor bees, and medallions are award items, YW leaders can not place an order for these items at the distribution center or online <– that’s why you can’t find them there. Personal Progress award items, such as ribbons and medallions, are only available for order through your unit clerk’s office. If you have young women that need personal progress ribbons, honor bees, or the medallion, go to the clerk’s office and ask them to place an order.

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