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Embark – Heart, Might, Mind, Strength

Embark in the Service of God

These images were created to go with the 2015 mutual theme: Embark in the service of God.  The images are from the verse D&C 4:2, which mentions serving God with your heart, might, might, and strength. You can use these images on stuff you won’t sell for profit. Please don’t alter them and put them on your website and pretend that they are yours.  We hates that. 

Unshakable Faith

I think the Lord works in very mysterious ways sometimes. It seems as if we finally reach a moment where things seem to be going just right, then a trial comes upon us. Have you ever wondered why? I sure have!

Henry B. Eyring gave an amazing talk in General Conference of April 2012 called “Mountains to Climb.” (You should see this powerful Mormon Message made from the talk here.) One thing he said in his talk is: “Now, I wish to encourage those who are in the midst of hard trials, who feel their faith may be fading under the onslaught of troubles. Trouble itself can be your way to strengthen and finally gain unshakable faith.”

I really believe this is true. I believe that hard times give us the opportunity to test our faith. The more we rely on God in these tough times, the more we recognize His hand and feel of His mercy and love. Our faith really does become “unshakable” as we become the benefactors of godly miracles. God knows what He is doing–He is helping us to reach our full, divine potential. He is giving us a chance to think about, turn to, and feel the grace of the atonement of Christ. He is building us to BE godly.

How have trials helped you to gain unshakable faith?

Unshakable Faith
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2 Corinthians 10-13, A Thorn In The Flesh: Do You Have The Faith Not To Be Healed?

Downloaded from: http://brosimonsays.wordpress.com/2013/03/25/2-corinthians-10-13-a-thorn-in-the-flesh-do-you-have-the-faith-not-to-be-healed/ Many of the lessons we are to learn in mortality can only be received through the things we experience and sometimes suffer. ELDER NEAL A. MAXWELL: “As we confront our own lesser trials and tribulations, we too can plead with the Father, just as Jesus did, that we “might not … shrink”—meaning to retreat or […]

Romans 6:1-7:6 Saved By Grace, Changed By Grace

Downloaded from: http://ldsseminary.wordpress.com/2013/02/25/romans-61-76-saved-by-grace-changed-by-grace/ Romans 6:1-7:6 can be outlined as follows: I. Romans 6:1-7:6 Two Key Ideas: To be dead to sin (justification), to be alive in Christ (sanctification). 1. Romans 6:1-11 The new life of a Christian, symbolism of our baptism a. Romans … Continue reading →

Craft Sticks – Notches

Handed out one of these [craft sticks] to each one [student. After the lesson], … they handed their stick back to me. I talked about how each of us may be weak (like the notches in the stick can weaken the stick) but together, the sticks can build a wonderful strong structure. All of us sharing our testimonies can strengthen each other…. If you have never tried this sort of lesson,…
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Strength in Your Thoughts

Object Lesson

Have the student stand up with one of their arms outstretched straight to the side. Tell them that you are going to apply pressure on their hand and try and push it down. Their job is to keep their arm up in the horizontal position. Ask the student to think about something horrible that has happened to them. When they have said they have thought of something, give them the…
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2010 LDS Mutual Theme Information ~UPDATED~

You can get help on both YM and YW mutual activity planning at LDS.org’s Serving in the Church section. Following is a list of LDS Mutual Themes, most recently announced theme first: 2010 Mutual Theme: Be strong and of a good courage Posted August 27, 2009 — first on the web! Visit MormonShare.com frequently for theme updates and more! The 2010 LDS Mutual theme is “Be strong and of a…
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Prayer strengthens me and my family

Primary Talks

We fasted and besought our God (Ezra 8:23). Ashley counted the days as her fingers ran across her braille calendar. Only five more days until her eighth birthday! “Five days is too soon!” Ashley said to herself. “How can I ever do it?” Like most children, Ashley looked forward to her birthday each year. She loved the excitement of birthday parties, cake, ice cream, and, of course, gifts. But even…
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