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Missionary Purpose Bookmark (English, Spanish, & French)

 In Preach My Gospel every missionary’s purpose is clearly outlined. It gives them a goal, a direction, an understanding, and fills their hearts with love for the people they are serving. I decided to create a bookmark that includes the Missionary Purpose from Preach My Gospel. I also created them in a few different languages including English, Spanish, & French.Each bookmark also includes a front and back that you can print…
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Missionary Preparation Worksheet

I will use this worksheet with our study of Acts 21 and Acts 22 tomorrow.  It is a worksheet based loosely on the lesson in the NT Seminary manual.   I altered it to demonstrate that students in our class are also preparing for missions right now in ways they may not have considered.  I am using it as independant work while I give out report cards and meet with…
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Sharing Time Missionary Cube Game

To teach mission preparation, make a game board with a path divided into many squares of six different colors. Place a picture that represents sharing the gospel at the end of the path. Prepare a cube with six colored faces that match the colors on the game board. On each face of the cube, write one of the following: Tell a personal story of obedience. Express gratitude for your blessings….
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The family is ordained of God and is central to His plan

Primary Talks

Father plopped a stack of books on the table and announced, “Tonight for family home evening we are going to write our testimonies in a Book of Mormon. Practice first on a piece of paper. Then, using your best penmanship, write your testimony on the inside cover, and sign your name. We’ll glue one of your school pictures underneath it, and tomorrow I’ll give the books to the bishop to…
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