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50 Tried and Tested Delicious Girls Camp Meals

Girls camp meals can be a pain to plan, and if the food at camp isn’t good, well … mutiny!  These tried and tested camp meals are favorites collected from camp leaders all over the world.  You’re sure to find some that will work with your girls: Camp Meal Ideas Hawaiian haystacks Mexican stackups Walking tacos Dutch oven cheesy potatoes and ham Quesadillas Tin foil dinners Baked potato bar Nacho bar…
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Gold Plate Treats

By [email protected] (Pam Mueller) On Monday Sept. 22, we had treats to celebrate Joseph Smith receiving the gold plates on Sept. 22, 1827. Rice krispy treats shaped like gold plates Do a google search for directions. Basically, make rice krispy treats, cut into small rectangles, Melt chocolate (I used chocolate melts that are used in making chocolates. you can find them at any craft store or Walmart) This treat went…
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Our Favorite Father’S Day Ideas

Downloaded from: http://www.continuallycreative.com/2013/06/our-favorite-fathers-day-ideas/ There are so many fun Father’s Day gift ideas out there… but here are a few of our favorites! Everyone always needs a card for the kids to give to dad on Father’s Day.  This is the cutest card I … Continue reading →

Fun And Springy Ideas

Downloaded from: http://www.continuallycreative.com/2013/05/fun-and-springy-ideas/ Yeah!  It is finally starting to feel like spring now that the weather is trying to decide to be  a little bit warmer.  Let’s just hope for no more snow, until next winter.  With Spring here I thought Read more here… Read the rest

15 Of Our Favorite April Fools Day Jokes

Downloaded from: http://www.continuallycreative.com/2013/03/our-favorite-april-fools-day-jokes/ Our family has always had lots of fun playing April Fool’s Day jokes on one another.  I don’t know if it was because our grandma would let us eat chocolate for breakfast, filled with cotton balls…. Read more here… Read the rest

Fun Easter Food Links

Downloaded from: http://www.continuallycreative.com/2013/03/fun-easter-food-links/ I just wanted to share a few of my very favorite Easter food links that I have found, with you.  These will make Easter a little bit more festive! 1.  Those who know anything about me, know Read more here… Read the rest

Golden St Patricks Day Ideas

Downloaded from: http://www.continuallycreative.com/2013/03/fun-st-patricks-day-ideas/ Anyone who knows me, knows I absolutely LOVE the color green!  So naturally St. Patricks day is one of my favorite holidays.  I would love to go to Ireland and see the beautiful green rolling hills and Read more here… Read the rest

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